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Core Vaccines for Dogs

Vaccines Vaccine Type Age
1st Vaccine DHPP 6-8 Weeks
2nd Vaccine DHPP 10-12 Weeks
3rd Vaccine DHPP 14-16 Weeks

Annual vaccines are started from the third puppy vaccine (Rabies).  These vaccines would be done again at the same time the following year.

Additional Vaccine which is given according to your Dogs life style 

1-  Kennel cough Vaccine (Bordetella )

This vaccine given for the dogs who go to dog park or meet other dogs regularly.

2- Leptospira  Vaccine

This vaccine given to any dog exposed to wildlife (this bacteria is shed in the urine of wildlife e.g. mice, raccoons).  This is a  disease that could be transmitted to Humans

3- Lyme Vaccine (Tick borne disease)

This vaccine is give for dogs who walk frequently in wooded areas or grasslands where ticks may be present.  Lyme disease is  a bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) transmitted through ticks.  This disease can cause lameness, swollen painful joints and   lethargy.This could be transmitted to Humans


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  • "I love Dr. Raj! I have recommended him to many of my friends and they all thank me for the referral. He has a very special way about him and he is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He cares for my pups like they are his own."
    - Nancy Sinclair
  • "Dr. Raj is truly the best vet I have ever known. He cares deeply for all his clients as well as their owners. I just had to put down my Rosie and he helped make an incredibly hard and sad time, one of respect and true compassion. I am forever grateful for the care he gave my Rosie girl as well as myself! I would recommend him to all who love their animals!
    Thank you, Dr. Raj!!"
    - Laura Stacey
  • "I totally recommend Dr. Raj and his team...they are awesome with the animals...thanks Dr. Raj"
    - Barbra Cole-Sheridan